Media Types Quiz
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Media Types Quiz

Take the Quiz: In this quiz check Unguided and Guided Media type Like UTP, STP, Coax Cable, Fiber Optic, Microwaves, RadioWaves, and Infrared many more…

S/FTP standard cable means

ISO/IEC11801 standard S/FTP where S

GG45 connector used in

In a multifiber cable system, which forms of outer jacket/s consists/s of polyolefin compounds and is regarded as halogen-free

In an optical fiber, the concept of Numerical aperture is applicable in describing the ability of

RG-58 and RG8 are example of ______Coaxial cable

BaseBand uses which type of coaxial cable

Core diameter of single-mode fiber

Maximum distance of Cat5 cable is

The performance characteristics of multimode graded-index fibers are

Major difference between RG-59 and RG-6 cable is

75 Ohm Coaxial Cable used in

Broadband uses which type of multiplexing

OM3 is example of

In Cat5e where stand for

Plenum area-area between(choose Two)

STP stand for

Multimode step-index fiber has

In the structure of a fiber, which component provides additional strength and prevents the fiber from any damage?

Which splicing technique involves the alignment and locking of broken fiber edges by means of positioning devices & optical cement?

Entire bandwidth of the cable is consumed by a

Which kind of dispersion phenomenon gives rise to pulse spreading in single-mode fibers?

Thicknet use which type of coaxial cable

Coaxial cables use RG ratings What RG means

Fiber Optic cable work on which principle

Cat5e Superior than cat5 in term of

In cat6a where a stand for

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