OSI Model – Quiz
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OSI Model – Quiz

Take the Quiz: All about the OSI Reference Model. Analyze your understanding of computer networking.


OSI Model

Quiz in the OSI model which is a reference model in the computer network.

What are layers of Osi From top to Bottom?

What protocols reliable in TCP and UDP?

Repeaters and hubs operate at which layer in OSI model?

In which layer term “Packet” is used?

To interconnect two different networks we use

SHH(Secure Shell) work on which port no?

Assigning of IP address done at which layer?

which is a layer 2 device in the OSI model?

What are the upper Layers in the OSI layer model?

Acronym of LLC which is sub-layer of data link layer is

A router is which layer Devie in the OSI model?

IPSec stand for

Arbitration,Physical Addressing,Error detection,Data Framing occur at which Layer

The acronym OSI stands for

Error detection and recovery take place at which layer?

Gateway are used to connect—————Networks

Which of the following terms is used specifically to identify the entity created when encapsulating data inside data-link layer headers and trailers?

Which OSI encapsulation term can be used instead of the term frame?

Which of the following takes place at the presentation layer?

LLC sublayer and MAC sublayer are present on which Layer of OSI Model?

The process of TCP on one computer marking a TCP segment as segment 1, and the receiving computer then acknowledging the receipt of TCP segment 1 is an example of what?

Flow control takes place at which layer?

The process of a web server adding a TCP header to the contents of a web page, followed by adding an IP header and then adding a data-link header and trailer, is an example of what?

The process of HTTP asking TCP to send some data and making sure that it is received correctly is an example of what?

which is 4th layer in OSI model?

What will be the PDU name of the Application layer?

Your score is

The average score is 64%


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